Forum Title: Big issues after applying polyurethane (Please Help, Need Advice)
Hello, I am no expert at all in doing this. But i had sanded all my floors and stained them fully black, They looked great before i applied polyurethane. Well the poly tried and it looks awful, I have zero idea what to do. But it looks cloudy in random spots, floors look as if they have a cloud over them kind of like when a window steams up. The floors had zero moisture, They tried for days before i applied I am very confused what has happened. I will upload pictures but its very hard to see how bad it is in the pictures, In person it looks totally messed up Just to note the floors were stained completely black, So this shows up very noticeably in person, It just looks like cloudy milk in spots over the floor. Any advice what i should do, I feel like the poly needs to be removed everywhere but i have no idea how to do so, I also had the idea of adding some stain to the poly and applying another coat. Thoughts?
Category: Flooring Post By: HERBERT FRANKLIN (Norwalk, CT), 03/03/2019

CLOUDY FINISH What it is: The finish appears cloudy or milky.Cause: ? Applying finish over a coat that isn?t dry enough to be recoated yet. ? Applying waterborne finish during very high relative humidity or over a floor that is too cold to be coated. ? Applying an oil/solvent-based finish during very high relative humidity, causing condensation on the surface of the drying coating. This will leave a dull appearing finish once the finish is dry, often referred to as ?blushing.?Cure: Abrade/screen and recoat, being sure to increase the dry time between coats. Check with a damp rag before abrading/reapplying finish to make sure the cloudiness has disappeared..

- DORIS FLORES (Fall River, MA), 04/21/2019

How should i go about Abrade/screen? The stain had been on the floors for a week before i applied the poly

- ANNETTE PEARSON (Tuscaloosa, AL), 04/21/2019

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