Forum Title: Hardwood Floor Refinish- Acceptable?
We has our Hardwood Floors refinished this past week and from a distance they look ok to us. But when you walk on them there are rough spots and bumps and areas that look like cellulite and wavy finish. There is also dust everywhere. The ?hardwood pro? said that a door got left open (by us before he started and he realized it when he felt a draft while Polying the second coat)...we were leaving when they pulled in the house and I have been very careful about shutting doors in fear the cat or dog would get in (cat was in basement and could go out basement to outside and dog was in garage during the day and with us at hotel at night). Day one when the first coat was applied they left the doors open and I came home to my house all open and no one here. He says the first coat doesn?t matter with debris. He has said Dust from shelves and entry must have got in? but there is dust all over my cupboards, counters, walls, everywhere from the sanding still. Shouldn?t this have been cleaned prior to applying finish? There is dog hair in the finish, also hair that obviously is isnt the dogs because it is short stick straight and really long hairs. There are lots of bumps and pimple like spots everywhere. Also ripple looking areas. Not sure what to do. He returns tomorrow to get final payment and look at it. The debris is now two layers down. I called attention to it after the second coat and he said he would buff and apply the third coat. So now it seems it just compounded the problem.
Category: Flooring Post By: ROSA CHAPMAN (Cedar Rapids, IA), 03/20/2019

Adding a few more pics. My cabinets are also a wreck at the bottom. I am meticulous in cleaning and dust daily and wipe down my cabinets multiple times a week so I know them pretty well.

- ROGER TORRES (San Mateo, CA), 04/27/2019

Have i NWFA Floor Inspector do a inspection for you .. I wouldn't give him any money until the floor is to your satisfaction ..

- CARRIE LAWSON (Sanford, FL), 04/25/2019

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