Forum Title: Question about gaps and gouges in a Bellawood prefinished floor?
I had my apartment gut renovated, and new flooring installed. A mistake at the time, was not replacing and leveling the sub floor. The flooring I used was a Bellawood prefinished floor. When install was done, there were several places where there were gaps between the floor boards. The largest gaps were 1/8. The contractor at the time told me it was normal, and not to be concerned. However, random debris seems to collect in those cracks, and it looks bad. What can I do to prevent this? Additionally, there are some places where the wood was gouged by construction or moving furniture. Is there anything that can be done to repair these spots on a prefinished floor?
Category: Flooring Post By: ISAAC SIMON (Bismarck, ND), 03/16/2019

Expansion and contraction is normal.. You can raise the Humidity a little to expand the wood . How long has the floor been down ? Home Depot has matching putty for the scratches .. Get the ones in the little jars ..

- HAZEL JENSEN (Springfield, MA), 04/23/2019

I don't think the floor is noticeably expanding or contracting. It looked this way the day it was installed, and it still looks this way some 3-5 years later (I forget how long ago it was installed). Most of the seams look nice and tight, but there are several areas where there are gaps from 1/16 to 1/8'. I have this self cleaning cat box that uses little white plastic pellets instead of litter. Those little pellets are falling down in the places where there are gaps, and it looks horrible. I want to find someway to block the pellets from falling down into these gaps. The putty will work even on prefinished floors? I think the coloring of the wood varies, so how do I choose a putty color? Should it be lighter or darker than average?

- HENRY K (Raleigh, NC), 05/15/2019

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